Using PowerApp to display Main Account Overrides in Dynamics 365 Finance

How many times have you felt, can I see all the main account overrides that are in Dynamics 365 Finance, for each company, for all accounts in a single view? Well, I felt so and I thought of solving this problem somehow. Back in the day, this would have been proposed as a customization, but: I found that using a power app, you can solve this.

For this what you need is:

  1. A Dynamics 365 Fin Ops environment
  2. Access to

Note that Dynamics 365 Fin & Ops is a premium connector. Work with your internal IT administrator/partner to understand the licensing and the cost associated to be able to access this. Or alternatively you can have a trial license for PowerApps using which you can create, but may not be able to use beyond the trial period. I would recommend to understand the licensing to be able to fully utilize the power of PowerApps :).

For this demo, I created a PowerApp, using a Canvas App.



Choose either Phone or Table, as you would like to have it. I chose Tablet for my case and set the orientation as “Landscape”.

Once the Canvas is created, choose Layout and select “Data table (preview)”.


Select the data source/connector as Dynamics 365 for Fin & Ops.


Choose the environment that you wish to use.




Choose the table as  “MainAccountLegalEntities” as the option and click Connect. Behind the scene, this utilizing the Data Entities that are marked as Public and the name that you see below is the Public entity name.


You will get the fields as shown here.



Add additional columns by switching to tree view and choosing the fields by clicking on “Edit fields”.


Once done editing, save the app. Get the App ID after the app has been saved.



Once this is done, register the App, in Dynamics 365 Fin Ops using the Embed power app button. You can choose the form where you want to embed the app into. I chose the Main accounts form, as it is relevant on that particular menu item.



Once inserted the app, I can see the list of Main accounts that are overridden.



Of course, this app can be used as a standalone application, on a tablet, which is the actual intention. But if you would like to have the power users who are using Dynamics 365 Finance regularly, then this would give you one view of all the details within the form/screen that they use.





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