Cancel a shipped Transfer order in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

This might be after a long time that I’m posting something about that is really a Supply Chain Management feature. SCM has always been close to me, and I miss the days when I have begun to work on SCM and transitioned to Finance side of Dynamics.

Nonetheless, with PU37, there is a new that is introduced and back in the day I remember this used to be one of the most common and perhaps one that Dynamics was not sufficient enough to solve request, which cancelling a shipped transfer order. Prior to this the only way to really cancel a transfer order that has already been shipped was complete the receiving and ship it back to the original warehouse where it was shipped from. With PU37, there is a Cancel  button that has been added on to Transfer order history form.  Note that this feature needs to enabled via the feature management in PU37 to be able to see the button.


Before we proceed further with the working let us review the status of the Inventory transactions that are associated with this Transfer order. This transfer order is being shipped from Warehouse 51 as you can see below:


The transit warehouse associated with the warehouse 51 is 55 as shown below:


The inventory transactions for the item that is on this transfer order is as below:


When the transfer order that is in Shipment status is canceled, you can see the transactions highlighted below. Notice the way the system creates a proper  transaction to be able to reverse the transactions from above screenshot that were create when the transfer order was shipped.


This is a good feature that improves the productivity and reduces additional steps that are required to cancel a transfer order that may have been created wrongly, or for cases where there is no requirement of the item anymore, providing additional flexibility without compromising with the core inventory transactions and maintaining the integrity of data.




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