Saved Views in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Saved views has been one of the interesting features and was released as a preview in PU32 (if I memory serves right). With PU36, it is under GA and is one of the promising UI and low to no code productivity improvement feature that should not be missed. That said, if you need some background about saved views – here is the documentation: and having shared this, let me share what it feels like working with Saved views and how to get started.

One of the common requirements/pain points when there is a place (form or dataset however you may term it) that is shared by multiple teams and they want to have their own standardized views for own team members. Sure Dynamics 365 Fin Ops has robust personalization that can even be shared, but that is again individual changes that they would like to maintain. How about having a consistent view for all team members and being able to share it with all of them? How about having one view for a particular set of users/roles and one view for another set of user/roles? Sounds interesting? That’s what Saved views intends to solve.

Let us take the classic example of All Vendors. This dataset/form is usually shared by 2 teams in any organization: Procurement and Accounts Payable. Each of these teams have different requirements to be able to view. Each of these teams, would required adequate access, however would want to avoid users clicking around certain out of the box options, although they would want access to those options.

Below is a Standard view of the All Vendors form that is available OOTB.


I have then personalized a view that has the majority of the columns that usually an AP Processor would like to view.


How was I able to achieve this? Using the normal personalization option, I was able to add the columns that are needed. AND, saving it as a view.



Like I have mentioned earlier, a Saved view can be published to particular user roles and you can mark it as the default view for those roles as well.



There may be a question that if saved views can be done only at grid level. The answer is no, you can create views at the detail level as well.

So using the saved views, you  can have as many views as possible for a given dataset created and shared each individual view with different set of user roles without having to modify the security roles or creating separate menu items for each user role – which requires additional dev effort.



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