Setting language translations for main accounts

It is a frequent or I would say an expected requirement to have translations setup for main accounts for a shared set of Chart of Accounts and also expecting the system to show up the translated Account names in Trial Balance form and in transaction entry forms. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (any version) has a place holder to handle these requirements.

  1. There are certain fields in the “DimensionAttributeTable” which have the “Visible” property set to “No”. The below screenshot has those highlighted. Enable these fields by changing the “Visible” property to “Yes”. Below is the list of those fields.
    1.  TranslationKeyFieldID
    2. TranslationKeyFieldName
    3. TranslationLanguageIdFieldName
    4. TranslationFieldNameID
    5. TranslationTableID
  2. Once you enable the fields to be visible, you observe the values of the fields would contain value as ‘0’. Enter the values in these fields (exactly) what is represented in the screen shot.20th Feb Dim Att table
  3. Now setup language translation on the main account. In this case I chose french.


4. Changed my user language under Tools -> Options to “FR”. SS5

5. Opened the Trial balance form. I remember it being the 2nd link under General Ledger -> Common. Filter by that account and you can see the “Nom” reflecting the french name that we setup at step 3.



Note: This post is based on my experience with working on Dynamics AX 2012 R2. But seems like the setups that are mentioned to be done at the table level are already present now in Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Good move by Microsoft to make it adaptable immediately!


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