Addendum to the PowerApps blog post

In a blog post that I posted about using PowerApps, and how it can show Main Account legal entity overrides here, I have mentioned that the entities that are marked as public and the name is the public name. I’m partly right then about being marked as public, but the name is the Public collection name not the Public name. See below for the entity MainAccountLegalEntities that was used in the blog post.

If you would like to understand the difference you can read through the details here When use a public collection name, it returns the data that is present in the legal entity, see below and that is perhaps the reason why PowerApps use the entity collection name so that it can return all the rows. For data entities that are company specific, for example customers, you may have to embed the filter of the company in the URL, just like I did for customers.

That’s it, just a quick clarification and what publiccollectionname means. Spread the knowledge, happy D365’ing!!!


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