Advanced notes on External facing documents in D365 F&O

D365 has always had the ability to add notes/comments using document attachment where users could enter some notes and mark them as external, which would eventually get printed on the Purchase order/Sales quotation/Sales invoice etc., However, sometimes, it is required to have a static text printed every time for a particular vendor or a set of vendors.

A new feature has been recently added in Dynamics 365 F&O is the ability to add such static notes to external facing business documents – such as Purchase order, Free Text Invoice, Sales Quotation, Sales invoice etc., using combination of Vendors, Customers, Groups, Item etc. This is named as “Advanced notes” management. There are couple of simple configurations that would have to be done and I’m going to walk them through here.I’m using an example of Purchase order here, and this can be used on the AR/Sales and Marketing side of external documents.

1. The first configuration is to have a combination setup based. You can find this configuration under Accounts Payable -> Setup -> Forms -> Advanced notes.

2. This configuration is similar to what you have for Posting setup for Inventory, where you could choose, Table, All and Group. In this case, the Group denotes a “Vendor advanced notes group”, that will need to be assigned at the vendor level if you would like to group a set of vendors and have the same text printed.

3. Once this is added, then next step is to create a new Document type under Document management of type “Simple note”.

4. Change the Procurement and Sourcing form notes parameters for Purchase Order as below. Note that you will need to assign the document type that was created in step 3 as the Document type to be included.


Once these configurations are done – here is how the output would look like on the Purchase order.


Common questions that I can anticipate is if this would replace the Form notes configuration. No this does not remove that configuration, in fact this would be an add on to the existing form notes configuration. That means you can still continue to print on the external documents using the form notes configuration. This can also be added at line level, let us say if we want to include additional details on the item that are required when ordering or providing the quotation to the customer. As of now, this configuration on the AR side is available for various external documents like, Sales quotation, Sales invoice, Free text invoice, Packing slip. On the AP side this is restricted only to Purchase order, as that is the only external facing document that is extensively used on the AP/Procurement side.

P.S: Note that this feature is only available for Legal entities in D365 that belong to Italy. That is the primary address on the Legal entity should be Italy. However, this can be easily modified to be included for other countries, with minor code change.


2 thoughts on “Advanced notes on External facing documents in D365 F&O

  1. Oana Wallin says:

    Thanks for your documentation. I have one question. I tried the setup like you did, but when I want to print the document (in my case a picking list), the notes are not added to the printed document. I can see the notes correctly on the sales order header and lines, but they are not printed. Do you know if I missed some setting? Thx!


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