Financial Dimension Templates

Ever faced a requirement to split one line of revenue/cost into 2 different financial dimensions based on percentage? If yes, there is a simple yet cool feature that exists in Dynamics AX 2012. Financial dimension default templates. Navigation path : General Ledger -> Setup -> Financial dimensions -> Financial dimension default templates.

Here is how it works:

Create a new template record and specify a name.

FD Templates 1

Enter percentage and assign the financial dimensions. Use the “Add” button to add percentages.

In this example, I’m allocating 30% of the revenue to BU(001), CC(008) and Dept. (022) and 70% to BU(001), CC(008) and Dept. (025) .

Percentages 1

Percentages 2

On the free text invoice line, I will assign the newly created template. As you can see here, there are no financial dimensions assigned.

FTI Line

I post the free text invoice and here is a snapshot of the voucher transactions. The line with 025 as the department has 7000 and 022 has 3000 based on the template we have assigned.


This feature is available on Purchase orders and Free text invoices. We can extend this to Sales orders and one of the most important areas where I see this could be advantageous is on Destination for of Ledger allocation rule when we use Percentage as the allocation rule.


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